XAUUSD Trading Signals for July 10, 2024 by Guriforex

Happy Wednesday dear traders, today Guriforex’s team came with XAUUSD technical analysis and trading signals.

XAUUSD Trading Signals for July 10, 2024 by Guriforex

XAUUSD Technical Analysis and Trading Signals by Guriforex:

Gold (XAUUSD) is displaying promising bullish signals, capturing the attention of traders. Our analysis employs Williams’ Strategy, which is renowned for its effectiveness in identifying market trends and potential entry points. Let’s delve into the current setup and trading opportunity.

Current Market Overview

At present, XAUUSD is testing the critical resistance level of 2373. This level has historically been a significant barrier, and its breach could signal a strong upward momentum. The Williams’ Alligator indicator, a crucial component of Williams’ Strategy, is providing compelling insights.

Williams’ Strategy Insights

On our chart, we observe the Williams’ Lips line (colored yellow) crossing above the Jaws line (colored blue). This crossover is a key indicator of potential trend reversals or continuations. The price action is exhibiting signs of breaking above the nearest upper fractal resistance, which further corroborates the bullish outlook.

Trade Setup

Given the current market conditions and Williams’ Strategy signals, a strategic trade setup emerges:

  • Trade: Initiate a Buy position on XAUUSD if the price breaks above the 2373 resistance level.
  • Target Price (TP): Set the target price at 2390. This target is based on historical price movements and technical analysis, providing a favorable risk-reward ratio.


The current analysis indicates that XAUUSD is poised for potential upward movement. The combination of testing a significant resistance level and the bullish signals from the Williams’ Strategy suggests a promising trading opportunity. Traders should monitor the price action closely and consider the trade setup outlined above for a potentially profitable position.

We invite you to share your thoughts and insights about this analysis in the comments section. Your perspectives and experiences are valuable to our trading community. Let’s engage and discuss the potential implications of this setup for our trading strategies.

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