USDJPY Signals: Join the Bullish Trend and Trade with Guriforex!

👉USDJPY Signals: Join the Bullish Trend and Trade with Confidence with Guriforex!

Last week, as true snipers, we bought USDJPY at 137.50. Now, another exciting opportunity awaits to join this trend. The H1 timeframe shows a bullish divergence, while the pair is currently forming the right shoulder of the “inverted head and shoulders” bullish pattern.

Trade with Guriforex and seize this promising USDJPY bullish signal. Buy USDJPY now and consider adding to your position on the breakout above 139.00. Our short-term target is set at 139.00, with a middle-term target at 140.80.

Agree with our analysis? Maximize your profits with Guriforex’s reliable USDJPY trading signals. Stay ahead in the market and unlock the potential of USDJPY trading. Visit our website today and trade with confidence!



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