Level up bonus tips to complete the bonus condition

Hello Trader! We have once again brought you an amazing article that is going to be very helpful for you. Hopefully, you have activated the level up bonus. If not, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to get a no-deposit bonus. Hurry up to activate it from here. So in the article, we will talk about what is FBS Level Up Bonus, FBS level up bonus rules, bonus withdrawal conditions, and some useful tips.

Level up no deposit bonus, bonus condition

What is FBS Level Up Bonus

Level Up Bonus is a forex No deposit bonus that FBS Broker is providing to his clients. You don’t have to deposit any penny with the level up bonus. All you have to do is fulfill the bonus conditions and withdraw your profit from the bonus account.

FBS level up bonus conditions

The condition for the level-up bonus is so easy. But if you start without any plan, it won’t be easy for you to fulfill the conditions of the level up bonus. To withdraw your level-up bonus profit, you must fulfill the following conditions:

1) Profit must be earned (minimum 1$ and maximum 140$).
2) Must have 20 active trading days i.e. 20 days must use for open and close orders.
3) 5 lots have to be traded. We will talk about this in details
4) Do not miss more than 5 trading days.

How to fulfill 5 lots conditions of level up bonus

As we mentioned above you must have 20 active trading days and fulfill the 5 lots condition. Let us clarify here that the broker has fixed the 0.01 lot volume for the level up bonus, which means you have to trade 500 orders. Which is not easy at all.

By ignoring the market closed days from the bonus period, opening 25 orders per day will help you trade the necessary lots.

10 Pip (100 Point) Condition

Here let us inform you about another condition that only orders with a difference of 100 points (10 pips) between the opening and closing prices fulfill the conditions.

For Example:

When you buy EURUSD at 1.13230 and close the deal at 1.13330, the difference between the opening and closing prices is 0.00100 = 100 points. You can also close trades in the opposite direction with loss, that will also count.

Let’s look at another example. XAUUSD is moving at 1785.10 prices and you closed the deal at 1784.10 or 1786.10, the difference between the opening and closing prices will be 10 pip 100 points.

How to solve common errors in Level up bonus

With the bonus account, most traders consider 500 trades impossible condition due to the 10 pips opening and closing price difference, and hedging is not allowed. But It is very easy to meet these conditions. To meet this condition, we have brought you a simple tip.

As a bonus, you can open only one order at a time. You may face a common error while opening more than one order on the same pairs. This is why it seems impossible to meet the bonus conditions when you repeatedly encounter common errors.

So let’s go to its solution. You can easily complete 5 lots by trading on negative correlation pairs and avoid to the level up common error. Negative correlations are used to hedge. This means you can hedge a trade without taking too much risk by placing a trade on your favorite currency correlation pair and you won’t even have to face the level up common error. We hope you are familiar with the correlated pair. If not yet let us explain you what are the correlated  Currency pairs.

Correlated  Currency pairs

Currency pairs are correlated when they are dependent on each other. This can happen when each pair has similar currencies or involves similar economies. For example, both EUR/USD and GBP/USD have the USD as a common factor. GBP/USD has a negative correlation with USD/CHF and a positive correlation with EUR/USD currency pairs. This is due to the positive correlation between Euro, Swiss Franc and British Pound. You can consider these pairs for negative correlation:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment.

How to avoid FBS level up bonus disqualification?

According to the bonus rules, Each client/device/IP can open only one Level Up Bonus account. It is prohibited to work through proxies or use any IP-address modifying software. Opening the second Level Up Bonus account is impossible even after bonus funds are charged off.

    Here are tips on how to avoid IP violations.

    • Always use your private internet connection. A public internet connection can lead to an IP violation. If there is mobile data, it will be a low risk for violations.
    • Do not use VPN or any proxy.
    • Do not use VPN or any proxy.
    • Open a single account in family, if another family member wants to open then the internet connection should be separate.

    If you follow this, the chances of violating the rules are greatly reduced.


      What is fbs level up bonus?

      Level up bonus is no deposit forex bonus. You can get up to 140$ free from the FBS broker.

      Is fbs bonus real?

      Yes, the FBS bonus is absolute real. FBS Broker is a regulated broker. And all their bonuses are real. But note that you should read the bonus terms and conditions while opening a bonus account.

      How does fbs level up bonus work?

      You can take part in our Level Up Bonus promotion (no deposit needed!) and start trading with them, if you fulfill the conditions you’d get up to $140 for free.

      Is fbs level up bonus legit?

      Yes, the bonus account is legit. You can take withdraw by fulfilling the terms and conditions.

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