Friday’s Global Market News includes Alibaba, Tesla, and Brent Oil

☀️ Happy Friday, dear traders! Check out the major news on this week’s last trading session.

Friday's Global Market News includes Alibaba, Tesla, and Brent Oil

Friday’s Global market news includes Alibaba, Tesla, and Brent oil:

📣 Alibaba is expanding its global cloud services and employing AI to compete with US tech giants. It is also opening new markets and building data centers in Asia and Mexico. Alibaba stock is down 0.95%.

🔥 The G-7 meeting addresses a two-speed world economy, with US strength contrasted by Europe’s weaker growth and inflation rates, leading to divergent monetary policies.

🇯🇵 Japan’s inflation decelerated due to slower rises in processed food prices and a planned end to utility subsidies. This comes amid expectations of wage hikes that the Bank of Japan hopes will boost the economy.

🛢 Brent oil prices fell below $81 for the first time since February 15, driven by reduced geopolitical risk and concerns about US interest rates.

💲 The SEC approved eight Ethereum ETFs from firms including BlackRock and Fidelity, expanding cryptocurrency investment options.

📈 Nvidia has reduced the prices of its AI chips in China due to intense competition from local manufacturer Huawei. Nvidia (#NVIDIA) shares surged 9.32%.

🚗 Tesla has removed its 2030 sales target from its latest regulatory report, which previously mentioned a plan to sell 20 million cars by that year. Tesla shares are down 3.54% today.

✈️ Boeing forecasts negative cash flow for 2024 due to ongoing delays in aircraft deliveries and production challenges, contributing to a 7.6% drop in its share price. Boeing stock is down 7.55% today.

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