A Technical Analysis on EURUSD Pair by Guriforex

Hello, dear traders. We hope all of you are doing well. We have come up with a technical analysis of the EURUSD pair. Let’s dive into the analysis without further ado.

A Technical Analysis on EURUSD Pair by Guriforex


Today’s Technical Analysis on EURUSD Pair by Guriforex:


💸 The EURUSD currency pair is currently moving within an ascending channel. Recently, it rebounded from its upper border, encountering significant resistance at the 1.0880 level. This movement suggests a bearish trend. The price has also moved out of the upper Bollinger Band and has started to move back inside it, which typically indicates a potential reversal or correction. Additionally, the RSI oscillator, a key technical indicator, has crossed below the 70 level from above, adding further to the bearish sentiment surrounding EURUSD.

🔽 Based on these technical indicators, our recommendation is to initiate a sell trade on EURUSD.

🏹 Trade Recommendation:

  • Action: Sell EURUSD
  • Take Profit (TP): Target levels are set at 1.0840 and 1.0800

This bearish sentiment is supported by the current technical analysis, which shows that the pair is overbought and is likely to experience a pullback. The Counter-Trend Impulse Strategy is particularly effective in such market conditions, allowing traders to capitalize on short-term corrections within a broader trend.

Trading EURUSD can be highly rewarding if executed with a clear strategy and proper risk management. Ensure you keep an eye on market developments and adjust your trading plan as necessary.

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