Today’s Global Market News includes Oil, JP225, US500, and US$

👋 Greetings, dear traders! We come with today’s market news and economic calendar for this week. Let’s dive into the most exciting news to kick off the week without delay.

Today's Global Market News includes Oil, JP225, US500, and US$

Today Global Market News including Oil, JP225, US500, US$  and Economic Calendar:


Global Market News:

🛢 OPEC+ Oil Production Cuts: OPEC+ is likely to extend its voluntary oil production cuts in an effort to stabilize prices between $80 and $90 per barrel. This decision is crucial for maintaining market balance amid fluctuating demand. As a result, XBRUSD has risen to 82.08.

🤖 NVIDIA’s Market Cap Surge: NVIDIA’s market capitalization has surpassed the GDPs of Russia, Canada, and Brazil. This milestone comes as NVIDIA’s stock price soared to 1064.11, thereby reflecting the company’s dominant position in the tech industry, especially in AI and graphics processing.

🌐 The Magnificent Seven in the S&P 500: According to Bank of America, the combined weight of the “Magnificent Seven” companies in the S&P 500 has reached a record high of 31%. This remarkable concentration, therefore, underscores the significant influence of these tech giants on the broader market. Consequently, the US500 index is currently trading at 53104.

📉 Decline in Bullish Sentiment on the US Dollar: Bullish sentiment on the US dollar is waning rapidly. For the first time in six months, investors have taken a net short position on the dollar, signaling a shift in market expectations. The USDollar index has dropped to 104.70.

🇯🇵 Bank of Japan’s Potential Rate Hike: The Bank of Japan might increase its interest rate to 0.5% by the end of the year, according to Masai, a former central bank member. This potential hike reflects a shift towards tightening monetary policy. The JP225 index has responded positively, rising to 38901.

📆 Economic Calendar:

All times are in GMT+3. Please check your local time zone here.


1️⃣ EUR 10:00 – Eurogroup Meeting


1️⃣ USD 17:00 – CB Consumer Confidence


1️⃣ AUD 4:30 – CPI y/y

2️⃣ EUR All Day – German Prelim CPI m/m


1️⃣ EUR 10:15 – Prelim GDP q/q

2️⃣ EUR 10:15 – Unemployment Claims

3️⃣ USD 15:30 – Pending Home Sales m/m


1️⃣ USD 15:30 – Retail Sales m/m

2️⃣ USD 17:00 – Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment

Stay tuned for further updates and have a great trading week ahead!

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